Plate and Print is about the roots of photography - film and wet plate - and the fine art that can be created with these foundational media.
To see a well made print - digital, silver, or alternative process - made from a large or medium format negative is to experience a revelation.  It is to see detail and impressions that digital cameras try to emulate, but generally fall short of achieving.
Everything on this site is shot on film or wet photographic plate.  Large format (8x10, 5x7, 4x5) and medium format (645, 6x6, and 6x7) cameras are used to create negatives and plates that will last for decades.  Each is truly one of a kind.
Much of the work on this site is available for purchase in a size to fit your budget and needs.  Traditional silver and digital printing with archival inks are available.  I am also available to shoot portraiture and still life for those seeking a unique, classic look for commercial or personal projects.
I would also encourage you to visit my two other web sites, each with a different tenor.  My more casual digital and film work may be found at, and is dedicated to my project to photograph America's veterans on 8x10 black and white film.

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